Autumn Thoughts Trauma

Recent news coverage has shown us so many incidents of trauma around the globe.  The images can stay in our mind and disturb us, especially if we have experienced our own trauma in recent months or even something which occurrred a long time ago.  It can take us back and makes us re-visit a difficult memory or image in our mind.  A trauma might involve a car crash, an unexpected death in the family or a diagnosis of a life threatening illness. It may be a work related incident or a burglary.  It may have impacted us personally or some-one close to us.  Sometimes if it affects another family member we may feel bad at not coping with the difficult feelings and emotions it brings up in us.  We may feel we need to be strong to support the other person.

Trauma can affect our sleep or eating pattern.  We may get intrusive thoughts or images.  We may find we are drinking more alcohol than normal as a way of coping.  We may find it difficult to concentrate or settle and relax.  We may be having vivid dreams which are upsetting or just that you notice your mood swings.  It may be that some-one close to you is noticing these changes in you. It may have made you fearful about the future or fearful of going out or travelling.

If you have experienced a trauma recently, whatever it may be, it would certainly help to come and talk to some-one about it. We can help you to understand the trauma and how it might impact you.  Just explaining the normal symptoms of trauma may reassure you that what you are feeling is normal given the circumstances you have experienced.  Talking to some-one outside of the situation can really help you to process what has happened and to be able to move on again with your life.

Please contact us to find out more or book an assessment session lasting one hour for just £20 (concessions £15). Subsequent sessions are charged at £40 per hour (or £30 for concessions)

Sarah Lacaille

Every enquiry and booking is handled with sensitivity and in the strictest of confidence.

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