A. The counselling is tailored to the individual and the issues that they present. It is always your decision how many sessions you have. If long term counselling is required I would review after every six sessions to ensure it is still of benefit to you and you are happy to continue.
A. I have had many years experience of counselling and hold a Diploma in Counselling. All my work is supervised. If I felt unable to deal with your particular issue, I would refer you on to another agency.
A. A counsellor that uses different models of counselling to suit the particular issues the client has come with.

A. Yes, I offer a concession rate for students of 25% discount, if you have proof of your student status.

A. I am experienced in dealing with emotions and would be comfortable dealing with your tears. I am happy to sit alongside you and wait until you are ready to talk.
A. No, you can self refer. You can just telephone to book an assessment appt with us. You do not need a GP referral note.
A. Counselling is not about giving advice and all decisions taken will be your choice and your responsibility. I am there to help you explore your options and find your own solutions.
A. Yes, it can really help to talk through issues with some-one who is outside the immediate situation and who can be a listening ear to help you clarify things for youself.
A. No, I can offer fortnightly appointments, but would always try to ensure what will be most beneficial for the client.
A. Yes, I am based near Orpington Mainline Station and can offer evening appointments to fit in with your train times.
A. There is off street parking available on the drive.
A. Unfortunately, I do not take on trainee counsellors and would be unable to offer you a place.
A. Due to the confidential nature of our work, we are unable to offer this.