Summer Time Feeling Blue?

The arrival of summer lifts many of our spirits with lighter evenings and warmth.  However, for many it can highlight a low mood or fears surrounding our body image as we contemplate our holidays. Going away with the family can also make us aware of our relationships with each other.  We may find it difficult to communicate together at a deeper level.  We can become so used to dealing with the mundane tasks of running a home, job and family life, we suddenly feel we don't know how to engage with our partner or children to talk about the things that our really important to us. Are you able to share your hopes, fears and dreams for the future?  Do you have shared goals and aims?

You may have hoped that your low mood would lift when the weather improved, but now Summer is here you are still finding it hard to enjoy life.  Are you struggling to get up in the mornings?  Are you lacking interest in food or finding you are getting comfort from food rather than friendships?  Are you still bothering about your appearance or taking an interest in hobbies or other activities that once gave you pleasure? Is your life feeling empty or directionless?  Perhaps you have not felt able to voice these feelings or admit them even to yourself.

This may be a difficult time of year due to past pain, bereavements, or fears for the future.  Children changing schools.  Your own anxieties surrounding this change and phase in their lives.  Parenting is becoming more and more complex with so many choices and decisions to make for your children.  Sometimes the responsibility of making the right decisions for our children can overwhelm us.  You want to protect them from aspects of the world but also recognise their need to develop and mature to cope with the demands of this world.

You may find it helpful to speak to a qualified Counsellor.  This gives you the space to explore your feelings, in a safe, non judgmental environment, with some-one outside your immediate circle of family and friends.

At Guiding Lights we offer a confidential, professional service of Counselling.  You do not have to commit to any number of sessions. The first session is an Assessment which gives you the opportunity to meet your Counsellor and explore ways in which the counselling may help you.

Make this summer the year you tackle your problems in order to find freedom to enjoy your life again, and move on from past pain or fears for the future.

Every enquiry and booking is handled with sensitivity and in the strictest of confidence. Please contact us for more information.

Do you think you are in the shade?