As the restrictions on our daily lives begins to ease, it may be the time that you now reflect on the many losses and adjustments you have made over the past four months. Most of us will have experienced some level of loss. It may have been a cancelled social event to mark a significant birthday, a wedding anniversary or indeed a wedding which had been planned and prepared for over many months. There has been the loss of visiting family and friends. This can bring a huge sense of isolation. For those in difficult relationships, suddenly experiencing lockdown together can highlight differences and raise tensions. Those working from home will have missed the interaction with colleagues and the wind down on the journey home.

For young families and those with school aged children, it must have seemed unthinkable that they would no longer be attending school and that you, as parents, were responsible for home schooling and encouraging learning with your children online. Suddenly there was a loss of personal space and certainly personal time. The intensity of working and being together will have brought many potential tensions and difficulties.

Those with elderly parents may feel they have lost precious time with loved ones. For those with parents or friends in care homes, and being told you can no longer visit, has been heartbreaking for many.

It may be that you have experienced the pain of loss through the death of a loved one whether from the Covid 19 virus or other reasons and the restrictions meant those important last days or weeks were spent apart. Those who were admitted to hospital often had to face the fear of illness alone and without loved ones being able to visit.

If you have lost a loved one in recent months and were unable to attend the funeral or unable to have the kind of funeral you would have planned. Not having the larger gatherings and missing out on a proper ending is so hard to come to terms with. A situation you can not repeat or make better.

The list goes on of the many different losses and impact of bereavements at this time. If you feel it would be helpful to talk through your situation with a trained counsellor, please get in touch. I am starting to resume my face to face counselling sessions.

Every enquiry and booking is handled with sensitivity and in the strictest of confidence. Please contact us for more information.

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