Winter Blues? Brrrr

Are you sufffering from "Winter Blues" or do you have New Year Resolutions that were the same as last year but never seem to move forward with them.  Could you benefit from talking to a trained counsellor who can step back from your situation and explore your options and help you reach your goals.  As you look back over the stress and strained relationships of Christmas celebrations,  do you ever wonder, "is there another way of managing this".  Did being together high-light what's good about being family or create an atmosphere of rejection, hurt and irritations.  Do those disappointments go further than just your present wish-list!

So many people start the new year with resolutions that never last beyond January.  Why is this?  Is it lack of motivation or does it go deeper.  Would it help to have a someone to encourage you and be accountable to.  Does it reflect your low self esteem or low self image.  Counselling can address these issues in a friendly, confidential environment and enable you to live life more fully and reach your potential. We all put on a few extra pounds following Christmas indulgence, but is the reality an on-going battle, and Christmas just gives the excuse for a food blow out.  Are you in control of your eating or is the eating now controlling you?

It is rare to go through life without some emotional upheaval – whether it is a family bereavement, a wayward teenager, redundancy or postnatal depression.  Life throws all sorts of things at us.  Most of the time we manage them in a "good enough" way.  However, sometimes one extra stress just tips the balance and we find we are struggling to cope.  Counselling can provide a place to let off steam, share your concerns and have a listening ear.  Do you ever feel your friends are fed up with hearing your latest saga. Why not give us a try

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